Dear Bibi,

We're Concerned

As committed North American Jewish Zionist millennials, we believe it is vitally important to state clearly and publicly both our support for Israel and our deep concern for the actions of its current government.

Millennial leaders and change-makers in the American Jewish community: We ask that you join us in sharing these sentiments with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he visits America next week.

By signing this letter, we together will show forthrightly that Jewish American millennials are working together to fight for an Israel that lives up to its foundational values.

Full text of the letter can be found below.

*Affiliations listed for identification purposes only. As such, individual signatories do not necessarily reflect the views of the affiliated institution listed.

Sign the Letter

Dear Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:


We are Jewish millennial Zionists actively engaged in various facets of the North American Jewish community. We advocate for Israel's security, oppose the BDS movement and other efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state, and fight anti-Semitic and anti-Israel voices on social media and throughout North America. Recognizing our place in the long chain of the Jewish people’s history and as rising leaders within our community, we are and will remain committed to strengthening and advancing Israel’s well-being as a secure, Jewish, and democratic state in the decades to come.


It is becoming increasingly challenging for us to do this important work. To be sure, we face many external challenges, as well as those from within our own community. However, we feel compelled to express our concerns and discontent with the policies, actions, and rhetoric of the Israeli government. These issues include legislative initiatives that threaten Israel's democracy, the lack of progress on issues of religious pluralism, and the dangerous rise of Jewish extremism that can be seen through efforts to mainstream the Kahanist Otzma Yehudit party. We are also deeply troubled by Israeli government policies that diminish the possibility of a two-state solution and by the growing calls for Israel to annex parts of the West Bank.

Mr. Prime Minister, we urge you to address these worrisome challenges both in your AIPAC speech to the American Jewish community next week and in your capacity as head of Israel’s government. Specifically, we hope you will work to ensure that Israel remains the homeland for all Jews and a state of all its citizens, affirm Israel’s commitment to democratic values and rejection of bigotry, and recognize the significance of the Diaspora community to Israel's well-being and future. We ask you to articulate your vision for achieving a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the two-state solution and the concrete steps you will take to thwart activity that diminishes its viability. 

We hope you receive this letter in the spirit of constructive dialogue and recognize how some of your government’s policies both strain our connection to the Jewish State and hamper our ability to advocate for Israel’s well-being. We believe that failing to address these issues in a meaningful way will be detrimental to both of our communities and could seriously erode support for Israel among our generation of U.S. Jews, thereby threatening the sustainability of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.



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Additional Signatories

Adam Basciano, National Director, Israel Policy Forum’s IPF Atid

Talia Benamy, NYC Communal Engagement Chair, J Street

Benji Bernstein, Board Member, Yahel

Ross Beroff, IPF Atid New York

Ben Birnbaum, Israel Correspondent, The New Republic (2012- 2014)

Sean Blum, Trustee, Union for Reform Judaism

Raphael Brass, Ottawa, Ontario

Meredith Rose Burak, Chair of Public Private Partnerships, The Survivor Initiative

Rivka Cohen, Program Manager, Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance

Eli Cohn-Postell, Director of Israel Engagement, JCRC of Greater Boston 

Jacob Dockser, Young Leadership Board, FIDF West Region 

Labe Eden, Individual Gifts Manager, Union for Reform Judaism

Russell Eida, Writer, Netflix/Showrunner

Adeena Eisen, Program Associate, Israel Policy Forum

Shannon Eli, IPF Atid Los Angeles

Molly Ellenberg, IPF Atid Washington, DC

Cameron Erickson, 2018 Bronfman Convener, IPF Atid

Aryeh Ethan Falk, IPF Atid New York

Leslie Finkel, Chicago, IL

Kathryn Fleisher, College Strategic Leadership Team, Union for Reform Judaism 

Peter Fox, New York, NY

Kevin Frankel, Former President, UC Davis Hillel (2004)

Ben Gitles, Israel Sector Chair, University of Pennsylvania Hillel (2014)

Rachel Goldberg, Director of Community Relations, Consulate General of Israel to New England (2015-2017)

Joe Goldman, Public Affairs & Civic Engagement Manager, JCRC of San Francisco (2015-2018)

Miki Golod, Professional, Ameinu

Daniel Goodkind, IPF Atid New York

Brianna Goodlin, 2018 Bronfman Convener Co-Chair, IPF Atid

David Goodstone, Public Affairs Director, Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest (2012-2015)

Benjamin Gould, IPF Atid Chicago

Alyssa Gorenberg, Emergent Givers Chicago Co-Chair, Union for Reform Judaism 

Amanda Guilardi, IPF Atid Washington, DC

Rachel Danielle Gutson, IPF Atid Los Angeles

Alex Hamilton, Rabbinical Student, Jewish Theological Seminary

Omer Hariri, IfNotNow 

Chris Harrison, Writer/Editor, Union for Reform Judaism

Isaac Hasson, 2018 Bronfman Convener Co-Chair, IPF Atid

Andrew Hirsh, Senior Copywriter, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston

Rabbi Rachel M. Isaacs, Assistant Professor, Colby College

Daniel Jeydel, Trustee, Union for Reform Judaism 

Mallory Kahn-Johnston, Philanthropy Associate, Women of Reform Judaism 

Jonathan Kamel, Chair, IPF Atid Chicago 

Lee A. Kaplan, Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Keene, Board of Governors Member, Jewish Agency for Israel 

Tara Khoshbin, Communications and Project Coordinator, Creative Community for Peace (2015- 2018)

Joshua Krug, Instructor, New York University

Ethan Lane-Miller, Assistant Camp Director, Union for Reform Judaism

Julien D. Lederman, Chair, IPF Atid New York

Alexander Leopold, Student Foreign Policy Lead, Roosevelt Institute

Shaya Lerner, Assistant Director of Middle Eastern Affairs, ADL

Amanda Levine, Program Officer, Chasbro Investments 

Jonathan Lipton, Area Director, AIPAC (2014-2017)

Alyson Malinger, Advocacy and Communications Associate, Women of Reform Judaism

Michelle W. Malkin, Manager of Philanthropy, Women of Reform Judaism 

Adam Moscoe, 2018 Bronfman Convener, IPF Atid 

Rabbi Danny Moss, Assistant Rabbi, Temple Israel of Westport 

Elad Nehorai, Co-Leader, Torah Trumps Hate

Adena Philips, National Chair, Israel Policy Forum’s IPF Atid

Daniel Pincus, New York, NY

Noah Podolnick, College Task Force Member, Union for Reform Judaism

Samantha Pohl, Development Director, Israel Policy Forum

Rabbi Aaron Potek, Washington, DC 

Shanie Reichman, Strategic Initiatives Associate, Israel Policy Forum

Ian Roozrokh, URJ College Leadership Team

Zev Rose, IPF Atid New York

Daniel Rosove, Program Director, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger 

Emily Rothstein, Graduate Student, USC

Adam Rubenfire, Young Adult Division Co-Chair, Anshe Emet Synagogue
Sam Rubin, Presidential Fellow, Union for Reform Judaism

Jeffrey Rum, National Young Leadership Cabinet Co-Chair, JFNA (2017-2018)

Zak Sawyer, Assistant Director, AIPAC (2014-2017)

Zachary Schaffer, Jewish Caucus Chair, Brooklyn Young Democrats (2017-2018)

Zach Schenk, IPF Atid Washington, DC 

Hannah Schlacter, Resident, Moishe House SF Dolores

Coby Schoffman, Founder & Executive Director, The Nation Foundation 

Bari Schwartz, Special Events and Operations Director, Israel Policy Forum

Joshua Schwartz, Board Member, Ameinu

Rabbi Rami Schwartzer, Washington, DC

Russell Semmel, Attorney, Arent Fox LLP

Zach Shartiag, Israel Education Professional, Boston, MA

Jenna Shaw, Rabbinical Student, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies 

J. Micaela Sheinhait, Program Associate, Women of Reform Judaism

Yaniv Shmukler, Member, Indianapolis JCRC

Tema Smith, Director of Community Engagement, Holy Blossom Temple 

Alexandra Stabler, Chair, IPF Atid Los Angeles 

Nick Stabler, MBA Student, UCLA

Aaron D. Stein, Member, Anshe Emet Synagogue

Illana Stern, Board Member, JCRC of Detroit 

Rabbi Josh Strom, Congregation B’nai Yisrael

Rachel Sumekh, Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs (2017)

Kyle Sussman, IPF Atid Chicago

Jack Sztrigler, National Outreach Director, Embassy of Israel to the United States (2014-2017)

Ben Tannenbaum, IPF Atid Chicago

Jason Taper, Student Executive Cabinet Campus Relations Chair, Texas Hillel (2017-2018) 

Aaron Torop, Legislative Assistant, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Jake Velleman, Lay Leader/Professional Staff, Birthright Israel North America

Rebecca Voorwinde, Executive Director, The Bronfman Youth Fellowships

Scott Weiner, Middle East Discussion Group Chair, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

Aaron Welcher, Communications Director, Indianapolis JCRC

Jordan Z. Weiss, Board Member, JCRC of Detroit

Alex Willick, Regional Assistant Director, J Street (2014-2017) 

Casey Wright, Teen Israel Program Recruiter, Union for Reform Judaism

David A. Yarus, Founder, JSwipe 

Rachel Zaurov, Development & Communications Associate, The Abraham Initiatives

*List in formation.

**Affiliations listed for identification purposes only. As such, individual signatories do not necessarily reflect the views of the affiliated institution listed.

Contact Information:

Adam Basciano:

Sam Rubin:

Ryan Adams, Jewish and Proud, Forest Hills, New York

Michael Adato, Union for Reform Judaism, Chicago

Jennifer Adler, Jewish, Toronto, Canada

Gregory Aguele, Democrat, Brooklyn, New York

Mitchell Aiken, Student, Mt. Horeb

Daniel Alter, Union for Reform Judaism, Ann Arbor, MI

Alexander Anesettu, Mahwah, NJ

Rebecca Anolick, Morristown, NJ

Noah Arbit, Chair, Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus, West Bloomfield, MI

Zachary Babins, Toronto, Canada

Erica Barish, Union for Reform Judaism, Brooklyn, NY

Joey Barr, Boston, MA

Katy Barrett, Student, American University Washington College of Law

Rabbi Sarah Bassin, Beverly Hills, CA

Jeff Becker, American University Center For Israel Studies

Mattan Berner-Kadish, Union for Reform Judaism, Takoma Park

Rabbi Dahlia Bernstein, Congregation Beth Ohr, Bellmore

Kate Bigam Kaput, Union for Reform Judaism, Cleveland, OH

Elana Black, New York, NY

Molly Blumenthal, Development Operations Assistant, Union for Reform Judaism, New York

Sam Blumkin, Washington, DC

Karen Bogard, Union for Reform Judaism, St. Louis

Zoltan Boka, Campaign Alum, Bernie Sanders 16 & AOC 18 

Amanda Booth, Austin, TX

Scott Boxer, Washington, DC

Daniel Bral, Los Angeles, CA

Cantor Josh Breitzer, Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, NY

Rachael Brill, Union for Reform Judaism, New York

Marissa Brooks, President, Hillel at Manhattanville College

Stephanie Butler, Union for Reform Judaism, Dothan

Dylan Caine, Co-leader, Jewish Students' Organization, Iowa

Isabella Cantor, Atlanta, GA

Ben Caspi, Co-Chair LA Couples, LA Jewish Federation

Stephen Cassell, Portland

Rabbi Cassi Kail, Syosset, NY

Alex Chanen, Political Director, Young Democrats of Emory 

Alice Chudnovsky, Illini Hillel, Skokie

Rabbi Leah Citrin, Union of Reform Judaism, Raleigh, NC

Corey Cohen, King of Prussia

Billy Cohen, President, Hillel Ottawa at Carleton University 

Jonathan Cohen, New York City 

Josh Cohen, former Political Outreach Coordinator, Brandeis Democrats

Steven Colby, Jewish Grad Group Co-President (2012-2013), Cornell

Jenna Conwisar, Former Texans for Israel President (2016), Texas Hillel, Calabasas

Adam Cooper, President of Hoos For Israel, University of Virginia

Jonathan Corwin, Los Angeles, CA

Mark Cote Masorti,Northampton, MA

Rabbi Jill Crimmings, Bet Shalom Congregation of Minnetonka

Joshua Curtis, Freeman Center for Jewish Life at Duke

Tyler Daniel, Starkville

Lindsay David, Miami Beach

Arieh David Scharnberg, Modern Orthodox, Arcata

Jeremy David Voss, J Street U

Delaney Davis , Austin, TX

Caroline de Brito Gottlieb, Princeton, NJ

Jessica Dell'Era, Rabbinical Student, Jewish Theological Seminary

Jordan Devon, Board Member, JSpaceCanada

Jamie Diamond, Great Neck, NY

Jeff Dreifus, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew Union College 

Rabbi Jessy Dressin, Baltimore, MD

Emma Dunn, MPP Student, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Leora Einleger, New York, NY

Daniel Ensign, New York, NY

Rami Even-Esh, Rapper @koshadillz

Hannah Fajer, J Street U

Brandon Faske, New Orleans

Michael Feinberg, PhD candidate, Madison

Ethan Felder, Forest Hills, NY

Rebecca Feldman, Jewish, Philadelphia, PA 

Tal Feldman, Studio City, CA

Rabbi Jason Fenster, Union for Reform Judaism, Deerfield, IL

Ben Feshbach , Waltham, MA

Avi Fine, Los Angeles, CA

Raphael Finkelshtey, Modern Orthodox-Egalitarian, East Brunswick, NJ

Cantor Lucy Fishbein, Maplewood, NJ

Jason Flatt, Union for Reform Judaism, East Brunswick, NJ

Max Fleischman, Skidmore College, New York

Ben Fleisher, URJ Religious Action Center

Rabbi Chase Foster, Congregation Beth Israel of Houston

Michael Fox, Washington, DC

Lindsay Free, Temple Beth El of San Antonio

Joshua Freedman, Columbus, OH

Natan Freller, Rabbinical Student, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies

Alex G., Des Moines 

Jonathan Gertman, NY Chair (2015-2017), JNFuture

Jonathan Gilad, Washington, DC

Jesse Gillman, Democrat, Bellevue Democrat    

Talya Gillman, Jewish Family Service, Seattle

Eli Gilman, Vice President for Operations, Foreign Policy Research Institute

Rabbi Jeremy Gimbel, Congregation Beth Israel of San Diego

Joshua Gischner, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew Union College

Emily Gitten, Weston, FL

Rabbi Maya Glasser, Union for Reform Judaism, New Brunswick, NJ

Noah Glazier, Student, Indiana University

Kelsey Goeman, Union for Reform Judaism, St Louis Park, MN

Danielle Gold, Union for Reform Judaism, Jackson Heights

Eitan Goldstein, Brooklyn, NY

Paul Goleburn, Jewish, Los Angeles, CA 

Chloe Goodman, Minneapolis, MN

Elizabeth Gooen, Conservative/Masorti, New Jersey

Samuel Gordon, Orthodox, New York, NY

Jacob Goren, New York, NY

Adi Gorstein, IPF Atid New York

Evan Gottesman, Israel Policy Forum

Rabbi Matt Green, Congregation Beth Elohim of Brooklyn

Micah Greenberg, IDF Combat Volunteer, Stamford

Alexis Greenblatt, Atlanta, GA

Sam Greenblatt, Jamaica Plain

Joshua Greenfeld, Chair J Street Baltimore

Lucy Greenwald, Democrat, Armonk, NY

Bill Greenwald , San Diego, CA

Ryan Greiss, Union for Reform Judaism, New York

Meaghan Griffin, Union for Reform Judaism, Toronto

Brandon Grody, Conservative, West Hartford 

Danielle Gronwold, Union for Reform Judaism, Oceanside

Dan Grushkevich, UC Berkeley Hillel 

Leah Grynheim, Indianapolis

Rebecca Haimowitz-King, Program Director, Congregation Tifereth Israel of Columbus

Ross Halfant, San Antonio, TX

Rachel Hall, Congregation Beth Israel of Portland

Suzanne Hamstra, Cantorial Student, HUC-JIR

Adelaide Harris, Takoma Park

Max Harris, AIPAC, Democrat

Gabrielle Hersch, Hornstein Graduate 2018, Brandeis University

Matthew Hollon, Union for Reform Judaism, Memphis, TN

Jodie Honigman, Milwaukee, WI

Lisa Huberman, IfNotNow 

Jason Hyne, Ridgewood

Sarah Indyk, Denver, CO

Mitchell Israel, Indiana University

Rhys Ivan, Camp Counselor and Songleader, Union for Reform Judaism

Jerry Janoff, Los Angeles, CA

Robert Kagan, Union for Reform Judaism

Rabbi Meredith Kahan, Rockdale Temple of Cincinnati

Rosie Kahan, Temple Beth Shalom of Needham, MA

Rabbi Andy Kahn, Brooklyn, NY

Ross Kaplan, Union for Reform Judaism, Arlington

Cindy Kapp, Los Angeles, CA 

Benjamin Kern, New York, NY

Lila Klaus, Temple Emanuel of Andover

Aaron Klaus, Union for Reform Judaism

Brett L. Kleiman, Research Intern, Institute for the Study of Modern Israel at Emory University

Rabbi Alexandra Klein, Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel of South Orange, NJ

Samuel Kooijmans, Student Board Member, Cornellians for Israel 

David Kuperstein, Blue Bell, PA

Rabbi Jen Lader, Temple Israel of West Bloomfield, Michigan

Dan Lange, Director of Youth Programs, Union for Reform Judaism

Joshua Lapidus, Arlington, VA

Netta-Lee Lax, New York, NY

Mindy Lee, NFTY Texas Oklahoma Regional Director, Union for Reform Judaism

Scott Legler, Fort Worth, TX

Raphael Leonard, Santa Barbara, CA

Fernanda Lessa, Washington, DC

Lesley Levin, Jewish, Silver Spring

Debra Levine, Ann Arbor, MI 

David E. Levy, Westchester Reform Temple of Scarsdale

David E. Lieberman, Conservative, New York City

Danny Linhardt, IPF Atid Los Angeles

Rachel Lipson, Chicago, IL

Erin Lusignolo, Union for Reform Judaism

Marcus M., Minneapolis, MN

Matt M., Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Malaga, Hillel for Utah-Israel Programming

Zak Malamed, Facebook

Joe Malinger, Student Senator, Ohio State University

Hannah Marcus, Atlanta, GA 

David Mariutto , Regional Targeting Director (2017-2018), DCCC

Jason Markowitz, Union for Reform Judaism, Southfield 

Sammantha Marks, Chicago, IL

Aydin Mayers, Union for Reform Judaism

Ella Meyerson, Minneapolis, MN

Daniel Minden, Co-Chair, Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee Fellowship Program 

Liz Mitlak, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Sam Moller, Union for Reform Judaism

Ari Mosbacher, Union for Reform Judaism

Ariela Myers, Union for Reform Judaism

David Naftulin, Israel on Campus at McGill University

Jonah Naghi, IPF Atid Boston

Rabbi Brian Nelson, Raleigh, NC

Ilana Newman, Librarian, Toronto, Canada

Cantor Jacob Niemi, Hospital Chaplain

Rabbi Max Nissen, Conservative/Masorti Movement

Aliza Nussbaum Cohen, J Street U

Andrew Oberstein, Hebrew Union College

Rabbi Jordan Ottenstein, Union for Reform Judaism

Rabbi Jesse Paikin, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

Leah Palestrant, Jacksonville, FL

Sally Parker, Temple Beth El of Waxhaw

Jon Paz, Union for Reform Judaism, Salt Lake City

Daniel Pearlman, Campus Coordinator, The David Project (2016-17)

Marta Peimer, New York, NY

Debra Perlin, Member of the Commission on Social Action, Union for Reform Judaism

Jonah Perlin, Union for Reform Judaism, Washington DC

Sarah Persitz, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Stacy Petersohn, Congregation Emanu-El Israel of Greensburg

Max Polonsky, Washington, DC

Lauren Post, Israel Education Professional, Los Angeles, CA

Sami Rahamim, Public Affairs and Communications Associate, JCRC of Minnesota and the Dakotas

Rabbi Cantor Raina Siroty, Union for Reform Judaism, Alexandria, LA

Brandon Rattiner, Washington, DC

Moty Raven, Rabbinical Student, New York

Rabbi Daniel Reiser, Westchester Reform Temple of White Plains

Elizabeth Richman, fDenver Public Schools

Mike Richman, Chapel Hill, NC

Davida Rimm-Kaufman, Union for Reform Judaism, Charlottesville, VA

Benjamin Rodkin, New York

Eric Rosenstein, HUC-JIR Rabbinical Student, Los Angeles, CA

Matthew W. Rosensweet, President, Camp Livingston

Rabbi Lyle Rothman, University of Miami Hilleli

Daniel Rueven, New York, NY

Marissa Ruggiero, Union for Reform Judaism, Springfield NJ

Anjelica N. Ruiz, Director of Libraries and Archives, Temple Emanu-El of Dallas

Josh Sachs, Representative to 35th World Zionist Congress

Sarah Sarway, Sephardic Community of Brooklyn 

Renee Schapiro, Somerville, MA

Danielle Scheinberg, Jewish, New York

Rabbi Simone Schicker, Union for Reform Judaism, Temple B'nai Israel of Kalamazoo

Seth Schoenhaus, Law Student, Albany, NY

Nadav Schreiber, Conservative, Rye

Brandon Schuster, New York, NY

Jonathan Schweber, Springfield 

Travis Seifman, Los Angeles, CA

Emily Shakked, Bet Shalom, Minneapolis

Jordan Shalom, Zionist, Los Angeles, CA

Ben Shapiro, Tufts Friends of Israel

Michael Shapiro, New York, NY

Ben Sharp, J Street U Board Member (2017-2018)

Deanna Shmukler, Community Engagement Committee, Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

Joshua Siegel, Philadelphia, PA

Abe Silberstein, Graduate Student, NYU Wagner

Noah Simon, North American Federation of Temple Youth, Mid-Atlantic Region

Ryan Simon, Arlington, VA

Dylan Singer, Union for Reform Judaism, Chicago, IL

Brianna Singer, Vancouver, Canada

Jeremy Sipe, Songleader, Union for Reform Judaism

Leah Siskind, Director of Political Affairs (2012-2014), Israeli Consulate to the Pacific Northwest

Alexander Sklarz, Union for Reform Judaism, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Hillel Skolnik, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Tifereth Israel of Columbus

Joseph Slade, Union for Reform Judaism, Dumont

Eliza Smith, Berkeley, CA

Leora Smith, Los Angeles, CA

Ariel Sobel, Contributor, The Forward

Jesse Steinman, Zionist, Bexley

Samuel Stern, Rabbinical Student, HUC-JIR 

Ethan Stone, Brandeis University

Lulu Stracher, Democrat, Westport

Joshua Strom, Union for Reform Judaism, Armonk, NY

Sean T., Union for Reform Judaism

Adam Tanenbaum, Union for Reform Judaism

Micah Telegen , Ann Arbor, MI

Ira Tick , Orthodox, Detroit

Stephen Tow, Congregant, Oakland Temple Sinai

Jenny Travis, Union for Reform Judaism, New York

Fred Traylor, Dallas, TX

Evan Traylor, Union for Reform Judaism

Nephtaly H. Velez Crespo, Traditional, Tel Aviv via Boston 

Paul Waijman, Orlando, FL

Rabbi Jessica Wainer, Director of Congregational Learning, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation

Rabbi Miriam Wajnberg, Waldwick, NJ

Liat Wasserman, Washington, DC

Sarah Waxman, At The Well, Washington DC

Max Webb, President, GW for Israel at The George Washington University

Tori Wein, Chicago, IL

Ayal Weiner-Kaplow, Chicago Jewish Community

Rabbi Aaron Weininger, Adath Jeshurun Congregation of Minnetonka

Tami Weisman , Temple Beth El of Boca Raton

Alex Weisz, Director of Jewish Education, Temple Sinai of Las Vegas

Aaron White, Los Angeles, CA

Dinah Aviva Williams, Phoenix, AZ

Hartley Witten, Senior Fellow, CJPAC

Matthew Wolf, Union for Reform Judaism

Krystle Wright, Union for Reform Judaism

Maya Yakobil, Roslyn

David Yeager, Conservative, Toronto

Rabbi Marina Yergin, Union for Reform Judaism, Temple Beth-El of San Antonio

Hillel Zand, Student, Washington, DC

Rabbi Benjamin Zeidman, Union for Reform Judaism

Rabbi Sara Zober, Temple Sinai of Reno

Arielle Zoken, Jewish Student Leader, UC Davis

Liat, Director of Education, GW for Israel

Nate, Washington, DC

Liana, Jewish, Bethesda

Emily, Union for Reform Judaism

Rani, New York

Kalah, Conservative, San Francisco 

Jason, Jewish Communal Professional, Washington, DC

Jo, Boston

Pamela, Miami

Rosie, Jewish, Dallas, TX

Maya, Thousand Oaks

Dana, Somerville, CA

Molly, Labor Zionism & Jewish Camp 

Derek, Union for Reform Judaism